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Monthly Archives: May 2014

    Madison, WI Home Sellers May Benefit from New U.S. Mortgage Rules

    By Jennifer Stauter | May 31, 2014

    “U.S. Backs Off Tight Mortgage Rules” screamed the top headline on the front page of The Wall Street Journal last week. For Madison, WI mortgage shoppers, it could scarcely have been better news. Probably. ‘Probably’ because any change is not yet a done deal, but it’s hard to see what will derail the likely full... Read More

    Could Madison, WI Property Sales Actually be Made in Bitcoins?

    By Jennifer Stauter | May 29, 2014

    Would you be willing to sell your Madison, WI property to a buyer who is offering virtual currency? In recent news, there has been an influx of people who are putting their homes up for sale in Bitcoins. It may be actually worthwhile to consider the upsides, because doing so opens up your Madison, WI... Read More

    When the Market Won’t Meet Your Price…Make Lemonade!

    By Jennifer Stauter | May 28, 2014

    The sunny attitude that encourages entrepreneurs to look at a box of lemons and think ‘lemonade!’ is widely admired, and it does seem to be a viewpoint that successful people cultivate. For anyone who is determined to sell their Madison, WI property—but only at a price the market is not yet willing to pay—well, the... Read More

    Selling During the Outdoor Months Means Exterior Staging

    By Jennifer Stauter | May 27, 2014

    As the days grow longer and the thermometer rises, everyone wants to start spending more time outdoors—to make full use of our yards and patios. But what if your Madison, WI home is going to be on the market this summer? Does it mean you have to stop enjoying yourself, stop entertaining guests, just because... Read More

    Make the Most of a Madison, WI Property Search in a Wireless World

    By Jennifer Stauter | May 24, 2014

    A property search in Madison, WI just ain’t what it used to be. Young adults grew up with computers, so to them the advent of the connected world—the Internet—brought fewer startling lifestyle changes than it did for their parents and grandparents. But for anyone who thought the emergence of the Web would be the most... Read More

    Bubble, Bubble? Madison, WI Home Price Rises Prompt the Question

    By Jennifer Stauter | May 22, 2014

    Over the past two years any upward movement in Madison, WI home prices tended to raise a question in many local minds—a question that ends with the word ‘bubble.’ As with any commodity whose price is determined by a changeable mix of subjective public perception as well as supply and demand, when home prices head... Read More

    Curb Appeal: Madison, WI Property’s Lasting First Impression

    By Jennifer Stauter | May 21, 2014

    It’s usually the curb appeal Madison, WI properties put out there that either plants a winning first impression…or a ho-hum (maybe it’s more interesting inside) reaction. This holds for casual passers-by as well as serious prospects who are pulling up for a scheduled house showing. It’s simply true: you never get a second chance to... Read More

    Selling a Madison, WI Home Can Mean Swatting a Metaphoric Fly

    By Jennifer Stauter | May 20, 2014

    If you have taken good care of your property, you rightfully expect that selling your Madison, WI home will result in its fetching a good price when it hits the market. That’s the right mindset for success, but it serves sellers best when it’s only a starting point. Dealing with flesh-and-blood buyers can require some... Read More

    When New Home Footprints Went Yeti

    By Jennifer Stauter | May 13, 2014

    For decades, the three-bedroom house has been a cornerstone of the American dream. Now, as with the rest of the nation, our area’s real estate profile for new single family homes seems to be changing. And last year we may well have reached a turning point in the national new home market: now four bedrooms... Read More

    Madison, WI Home Sellers Adapt to Millennial Real Estate Preferences

    By Jennifer Stauter | May 10, 2014

    The generation born between the early 80s and just after the turn of the century (aka Millennials) have been slower to take the first steps toward home ownership than previous generations. That’s likely one of the byproducts of the cultural and economic shifts which have combined to make real estate less affordable (and proportionately less... Read More

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