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Monthly Archives: December 2014

    Housing Regulations Guide Hunt for Good Madison, Wisconsin Tenants

    By Jennifer Stauter | December 30, 2014

    Every landlord has had the feeling at one time or another that a prospective Madison, Wisconsin tenant may not be a good choice. Call it a hunch, or intuition—but something tells you that this tenant may be trouble down the road. There is more than enough riding on the decision to make you want to... Read More

    Just Sold! 1 Cherokee Cir., #204, Madison, WI 53704

    By Jennifer Stauter | December 29, 2014

    Just Sold!  1 Cherokee Cir., #204, Madison, WI  53704 Beautiful home sold – $190,000 Wide Open Space is what you will find in this lovely home. If you adore the space of your existing home but are tired of the maintenance, then this is what you have been waiting for. Extra large rooms sparkle with... Read More

    Retirees Buying a Madison, Wisconsin Home Find Stereotypes Misleading

    By Jennifer Stauter | December 13, 2014

    That housing needs change as people get older goes without saying. For Madison, Wisconsin Baby Boomers, the “getting older” concept has gradually morphed from the distant abstraction it seemed in the 60’s and 70’s to a more immediate concern. And of all the decisions that will have the most impact on those nearing their golden... Read More

    Why Gas Station Signs Should Cheer Madison, Wisconsin Homeowners

    By Jennifer Stauter | December 11, 2014

    Just about the last thing Madison, Wisconsin homeowners expect is for the price of something we use every day to drop precipitously. It isn’t just that we’ve grown skeptical about the way official inflation numbers are formulated (although we have). It’s simply that when it can cost more than a dollar for a Coke, we’ve... Read More

    What Improvements Add the Most Real Estate Value?

    By Jennifer Stauter | December 10, 2014

    “The best real estate value in Madison, Wisconsin!” is certainly a little bit over-the-top when it’s used in a listing, but in truth, that’s pretty much what most prospective homebuyers in every price range actually hope to find. For homeowners planning to list their own Madison, Wisconsin homes, it’s good to keep in mind. When... Read More

    Real Estate Markets Register Steady Improvement

    By Jennifer Stauter | December 9, 2014

    Madison, Wisconsin real estate observers got some background information last month that seemed to confirm much of what we’ve been seeing for a while now. Mid-term election politicking is now safely behind us (for a brief while, at least), but in the run-up to the elections, this was a comprehensive real estate canvass that yielded... Read More

    Madison, Wisconsin Homeowners See U.S. Home Sales Peak for 2014

    By Jennifer Stauter | December 6, 2014

    In TV commercials, the idea is to get the point across as economically as possible. That’s why, when the theme is a thriving business, they show a graph with lines that move up (often at an angle that would worry a mountain goat). It makes for an easily grasped, direct message. Alas, graphs showing Madison,... Read More

    HomeTeam4U Sold Another Home! 2001 Gulseth St., Madison, WI 53704

    By Jennifer Stauter | December 4, 2014

    HomeTeam4U Sold Another Home!  2001 Gulseth St., Madison, WI  53704 A beautiful home sold – $189,900 Light & bright, this lovely ranch home is perfectly situated with a private back yard bordering greenspace – enjoy the view from your deck! This immaculately maintained, updated property provides plenty of spaces for all your needs – 4... Read More

    Tips for Long Distance House Hunting

    By Jennifer Stauter | December 4, 2014

    You got the big promotion at work, but there’s one catch: you have to move across the country. Madison, Wisconsin homeowners may have mastered Madison, Wisconsin house hunting, but doing it in a location that requires travel can be a logistical nightmare—especially when the distance in question is more than an afternoon’s drive. Chin up! Many... Read More

    When Sellers Won’t Negotiate: 3 Tips for Madison, Wisconsin Home Buyers

    By Jennifer Stauter | December 3, 2014

    Part of the art of listing a Madison, Wisconsin home for sale is to highlight features that will catch eyes in a wide assortment of different groups of prospective buyers. It’s “the more, the merrier”—and very often the ultimate buyer winds up being unlike the typical prospect you would have thought most likely. For prospective... Read More

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