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5 Tips For Throwing the Ultimate Backyard BBQ

backyard bbq

Summer is the perfect time to invite friends over to your home, and throw a backyard barbecue. The weather is warm, and people are in a celebratory mood. It is time to break out the grill, and have some fun.

Before you get the grill going, there are things that can be done in order to have a barbecue that your friends and family will rave about. There are five tips that will ensure your backyard barbecue will be the talk of the season.

  1. Select classic recipes that are easy to prepare.

When planning a backyard barbecue, many people develop menus that require a lot of steps to prepare. Although the recipes from the fancy online food blogs are nice, they may not be practical. Your menu’s goal should not be to wow your guests with presentation, but to provide them with a well-prepared meal.

One suggestion is to select a menu that includes approximately five backyard barbecue staples such as various types of meat, corn on the cob, potato salad, cole slaw and dessert. In order to make these items special, you can use different ingredients to add a twist to the menu items.

  1. Ask for help.

As the host, you want to meet the needs of all of your guests and make the barbecue special. You might be tempted to try to do everything yourself. But the reality is you are not going to be able to do everything, and it is fine to get assistance.

Cleaning up, serving guests and preparing food takes you away from the fun of the barbecue. Plan to call friends and family members and ask them to provide a dish or join the clean-up committee.

  1. Create a diverse music playlist.

Good music has the potential to create a dynamic atmosphere. Select music that appeals to your friends and family. Also, select music that will inspire your guests to dance and socialize.

  1. Prepare your meats in advance.

The most anticipated part of any backyard barbecue is the meats. There is nothing like the smell and taste of grilled chicken, beef, lamb or pork.

It is important to remember that the meats must be prepped with seasonings the day before the backyard barbecue. Use marinades, spices and herbs to create a tasty flavor. In addition, you should allot plenty of time to cook the meat. You want the meat to fall off the bones and melt in your guests’ mouths.

  1. Offer various games for your guest to play.

The purpose of the barbecue is to get your guests mingling with each other and moving around. Games are perfect because they promote socializing and movement.

Common backyard barbecue games include badminton, horseshoe, potato sack race, ball games and limbo. You can even rent a moonbounce. When deciding on games, it is important to remember to include games that guests of all ages will enjoy.

By following these tips, you can have an awesome backyard barbecue.

Jessica Kane is a professional writer who has an interest in interior design and home decor. She currently writes for Canopy Concepts, a leading installer of custom patio covers and patio enclosures.

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