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  • Agent Scales Real Estate Business to 24 Transactions Per Year with HomeTeam4u

Agent Scales Real Estate Business to 24 Transactions Per Year with HomeTeam4u

Behind the Scenes

Jason Morse wasn’t always in real estate.

In fact, Jason spent the previous 15 years of his career in automobile sales. But through some conversations with a connection he’d made, he started thinking about making a change in his career from automobile sales to real estate.

After considerable thought, Jason decided to take the leap and joined his connection’s real estate company.

But things didn’t go as Jason hoped.

“I worked with that broker for 6 months and was struggling,” said Jason. “I didn’t understand some of the technology and didn’t feel I had anyone to help me. After getting my license, I was pretty much on my own.”

Jason nearly quit real estate altogether, especially after losing a buyer client who’d said they didn’t want to work with him anymore.

Jason admitted in hindsight he needed training and support that he wasn’t getting at the time.

“I was at a low point, and ready to give up,” added Morse. “Had it not have been for one of the agents at HomeTeam4u who took me under his wing during a transaction, I probably would have quit.”

Bill Crooker, Home Specialist at HomeTeam4u, was the listing agent for a buyer that Jason was working with at the time.  

“Bill was so helpful and literally walked me through the transaction and explained to me what I needed to do,” Morse said.

Throughout the transaction, the two agents got to know each other. Bill had already begun mentoring Jason during the transaction and suggested that Jason consider transferring his license to HomeTeam4u. Not only had Bill told Jason he would be a good fit with the HomeTeam4u culture, but Bill told Jason he would also get the training and insight he needed that was missing from his new real estate career.

Bill assured Jason that he would be successful with the HomeTeam4u proven systems and processes.

That’s when Jason decided to move to HomeTeam4u and give real estate one more shot.

“Everyone was so welcoming, friendly and helpful. I immediately noticed this was a team that functioned like a team should with agents wanting to help each other,” Morse boasted. “There’s really no hierarchy here, per se. Everyone feels like an equal at HomeTeam4u.”

Jason’s “aha moment” with HomeTeam4u was the company’s proven approach to agent training and development, most especially with its mentorship program which capitalizes on the experience from the team’s most successful agents. Jason stated how he would just listen and soak up all the knowledge from all of the mentors and apply what he’d learn from each of them in a way that worked for him.

Jason feels that HomeTeam4u’s structured proprietary Streamlined Training process helped him get a jump-start on his real estate business. He literally blew through the organization’s benchmark for doing 6 deals in a 6-month period by accomplishing that in just one month!

Jason acknowledged, “I had 6 accepted offers with 5 closings in one month which also led me to be the Top Producing Agent in March 2023 after just 7 months with HomeTeam4u!”

Jason is currently on track to complete 24 transactions in his first year with HomeTeam4u.

Ready to scale up and/or start your real estate business and learn how our tools and systems will help you begin growing? Send us a message and one of our team members will reach out to you with a FREE audit of your real estate business, whether you’re already established or just starting out.  

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