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Life as an Agent

It’s 5:30am and while most people are jumping in the shower, the HomeTeam4u Agent begins the day with checking and replying to overnight emails, looking for accepted offers on behalf of clients or verifying appointments scheduled. Juggling multiple tasks at once means potentially rearranging the day’s schedule to accommodate scheduling conflicts, updates, or just plain planning out a route to meet with clients or show properties.

After a quick shower, some agents prefer to head straight to the office and work from there. HomeTeam4u agents are frequently seen working at their desks preparing the necessary paperwork for their day, calling clients, or researching for a customized value analysis to help clients pinpoint how much their home’s current equity is based on market conditions. This is also a good time for reviewing new listings, market trends, or checking out recent property sales to stay updated on their industry knowledge. Knowledge is power as it helps agents formulate a winning strategy that helps clients sell their homes fast at top dollar and helps buyer clients get into the homes they want.

But that’s not all. HomeTeam4u agents are just starting to get the day going.

At HomeTeam4u, training, support, and culture are an essential part of the agent’s toolbox for success. Office trainings frequently start anywhere between 8:30-11am. Agents may role play while also learning the tools and systems necessary to effectively assist clients. Agents also review HomeTeam4u’s value proposition which helps the agent explain to the client how the #1 Stark Realty team sets itself apart—in other words, HomeTeam4u leadership reveals the company’s Secret Sauce to successful transactions!

Additionally, newer agents are connected with an experienced agent mentor who helps them through their first few transactions. Mentorship ensures success for the client, team, and helps maintain a smooth transaction. HomeTeam4u’s agents learn from the more experienced agents through one-on-one meetings that build upon the training systems that HomeTeam4u supplies.

There’s a reason that HomeTeam4u is the #1 Stark Company Realtors team 25+ years running. In fact, HomeTeam4u agents sell client homes quickly using a customized selling strategy unique to HomeTeam4u! Much of that directly relates to the training agents receive that they wouldn’t get with other brokers.

But training isn’t the only thing that make the agents successful during the day. They also receive full marketing support from the company’s marketing department, including professional photos, virtual staging, and social media marketing just to name a few of the marketing benefits. Agents will frequently seek out members of the marketing department for anything from simple graphic design guidance to complex strategy sessions.

Frequently, life in the afternoon or evening begins to pick up with showings, writing offers, and meeting with clients who are interested in selling their homes. But these aren’t the only activities the HomeTeam4u agent does for their client. HomeTeam4u agents are highly trained in using strategies and negotiation to help their clients get what they want out of a buy/sell transaction. In fact, most people only know about the initial negotiations the agent may do when a home-offer is written.  What clients frequently don’t realize is the agent may need to go “to bat” for their client through additional negotiations possibly two more times after the offer is accepted: such as when the appraisal comes back and when the inspection report is returned. Most agents will tell their clients, if a transaction is going to fail, it’s more likely to occur after the inspection report is received by the buyer. The Inspection Contingency frequently requires a skilled negotiator, and HomeTeam4u agents receive a lot of training and support in negotiations.

In the background on any given day, agents are also managing timelines to make sure all contingency deadlines are met within the transaction. One missed deadline could result in a failed transaction—which means to keep everything going smooth, the agent is usually following up with lenders, inspectors, appraisers, title companies, staging consultants, photographers, and more to make sure everything stays on schedule. The agent also makes sure the client is getting necessary forms signed at each step of the process.

But while the HomeTeam4u agents work hard, they are also known to let loose from time-to-time whether it’s throwing a pie in their team leader’s face for PI Day, or something simple as having a few beers at Happy Hour. There’s a feeling of community and connection at the HomeTeam4u office, such as the bond someone might have with family.

In one day, it’s not uncommon for HomeTeam4u agents who are highly motivated by what they do helping their clients, to still be working into the evening. While most people might be in their PJ’s by 8pm, HomeTeam4u agents are dotting the last I’s and crossing the last T’s on their documents to ensure their client’s get what they want.

Real estate is a career that rewards ambition and drive with success. But it takes the right personality combined with the right systems—or as HomeTeam4u believes, combined with their Secret Sauce—to help agents successfully build their careers into lucrative, profitable, and rewarding business-ownership dreams.

Why not start a real estate career today. We’re happy to chat with you.

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