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    A Madison, WI Real Estate Agent Puts the Puzzle Together

    By Jennifer Stauter | March 15, 2014

    Real estate agents in Madison, WI are true veterans when it comes to every aspect of what needs to take place for a home to be sold. We know in advance what all the pieces of the puzzle are, and what needs to be done for them to fit together properly. We’ve also seen why some homes... Read More

    Buying a Home: What About Flood Insurance?

    By Jennifer Stauter | March 13, 2014

    It can be perplexing—and not least because it’s one of the least-discussed details you run into when buying a home. The issue is flood insurance, and it’s sometimes first brought to the fore when you are buying a home in Madison, WI that you would not have thought was on a “flood plain.” If it is, it’s... Read More

    Empty Nesters Have Alternatives to Simple Downsizing

    By Jennifer Stauter | March 12, 2014

    The children have grown; home feels…a little empty… Many people assume that an empty nest means it’s downsizing time—time for a smaller house or condo. In truth, for many a homeowner in Madison, WI, downsizing is just one of a number of appealing directions. It may sound obvious, but it’s your interests and plans that should guide your... Read More

    Micro Apartments: an Urban Living Trend to Watch

    By Jennifer Stauter | March 11, 2014

    Micro apartments, once considered a momentary fad, are become an increasingly popular choice for city residents across the nation. It’s a trend that might signal the beginnings of a shift in Madison, WI apartment living as well. The tiny apartments known as “micro apartments” generally feature a small bedroom, private sitting area, bathroom…but not much... Read More

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