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Quick Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value

Ask any REALTOR and their likely to tell you that potential home buyers are frequently drawn to two areas in the home: the kitchen and the bathroom. They want to know how these rooms look and how comfortable they feel. Improving your home’s appeal and value in these areas is simple regardless of whether your goal is to renovate your home this year or to sell it. Making any of the following home improvements will surely increase your home’s value, especially in these areas.

Clean and declutter

It goes without saying, while cleaning and decluttering doesn’t exactly add direct value to your home, if you don’t do it, you’ll certainly reduce any perceived value of your home. Cleaning and decluttering are relatively inexpensive tasks, even in bigger homes. Start by going through cabinets and closets, making donation piles and garbage piles. Then clean out drawers and other storage areas.

Spruce it up with fresh paint

One of the cheapest fixes for an outdated room is a fresh coat of paint which can make dated interiors look fresh and new. Aim to use neutral colors. Your painting budget will depend on the size of the rooms. Certainly, a smaller bathroom may only cost $150-$350 while a larger kitchen could cost as much as $1500.

Zero in on the kitchen

If your kitchen is outdated, you’ll need to focus a little extra TLC to this area. Simple areas to focus on are tiles, counter tops, appliances, and even installing modern hardware on your cabinets. If your cabinets are older, you may want to consider painting them to give them a fresh, new appearance.

Make it smarter

Safety-enhancing gadgets op the list of “smart” technologies buyers want in their new homes. These safe and smart devices include thermostats, fire detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, security cameras, door locks, lighting, and even smart audio systems. Even if smart technology doesn’t add a ton of value to your home, it certainly increases the appeal for it. Additionally, the cost to install the devices yourself is relatively inexpensive.

Increasing your home’s value can be as easy as you want it, or as expensive as you need it. If you’re ever unsure and just want to get an idea of what your home would be valued at in today’s market without getting an appraisal, contact one of our expert agents who would be willing to provide you with a free customized market analysis for your home. Or get a free home value analysis in seconds!

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