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Selling Your Madison, WI Home: When Overpricing’s a Good Idea!

A crucial part of selling your Madison, WI home comes right at the outset—when you set your asking price. It boils down to a decision to go high (the I-love-this-place-and-gotta-have-it-no-matter-what price); or low, with a number that is just under neighborhood comparables (the I’d-better-snap-this-up-before-someone-else-does price).

Success in selling your home quickly is commonly understood to correspond with the lower price strategy, it’s true. But are there ever reasons why you would want to set a price that’s significantly higher than your neighborhood usually commands? Is there EVER a right time?

Although the common wisdom for selling your home is a pretty firm ‘NEVER!’—but there might be some possible exceptions. When might it be reasonable to ‘test the market’? Here are a few:

No true comparables. If you have a Madison, WI home that’s verifiably one of a kind in the area, comparisons based on size, number of bedrooms and baths might be misleading. In such a case, it’s important that the differences be blatant—obvious to everyone—because banks and other lenders are likely to need considerable persuading, “Comps” are easy to justify, which is why they are the usual reference points that make loan officers comfortable. But keep in mind that it’s an absolute ‘must’ for selling your home with a higher-than-comparable listing price: it’s got to be a gem!

Uniqueness. Selling your Madison, WI home at an elevated may be justified when it offers features that aren’t duplicated anywhere else in the area. This can be the case when the location is unique, as when the views from the living room are breathtaking, or a long driveway or dense plantings offer seclusion in an otherwise crowded neighborhood. To warrant the elevated price tag, those unique features should be easily describable in marketing materials.

No need to sell. If demand for properties in your area is intense—but you have no urgent need for selling your home right now, you might decide to list at a price that would warrant a move for financial reasons. This is the weakest reason to price high: it usually ends in wasted effort without much to show for it.

The list of reasons why overpricing is usually a terrible idea would include showings lost, appraisals that come in at lower than sale price, offers from prospective buyers discouraged, etc. The fact is, when it comes to selling your home, you’re probably looking for a speedy sale at a fair price.

If you are going to be selling your own Madison, WI property this fall, give me a call. We can go over how your property is likely to fare in today’s market—and draw up a selling plan that will meet your goals!


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