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House Not Selling?!?

How will Roger sell houses and condos which other Realtors had listed but failed to sell?

1.  Three Times More Online Exposure for Your House.  HomeTeam4U pays big bucks to own exclusive advertising rights on sites:,, and  They wage aggressive Social Media campaigns:  Facebook/HomeTeam4U and  Their advertising system ensures that your house will have three times more exposure than any other agent will provide.  Exposure leads to showings, showings lead to an accepted offer, and an accepted offer leads to closing.

2.  Work Ethic.  Too many Realtors subscribe to the old gag line:  “Hard work never killed anybody – but why take a chance?”  Roger grew up o a Wisconsin dairy farm, milking cows daily, morning and evening, developing a strong work ethic.  His seven-day work week and long hours are legendary, he confesses to being a “happy workaholic.”  Roger’s hard work will sell your home.

3.  Respect for Clients.  Some Realtors are too nice or too nervous to tell the seller the truth about price and condition, about what needs to be done to the house to get the house sold.  Other Realtors are eager to give sellers their views on price and condition, but then demand that the sellers accept their advice.  Neither approach shows respect for the client.  Roger believes sellers deserve his best advice, but tells all clients: “I make recommendations; you make decisions.”

4.  Work with the Best.  There is an old adage that says, “If you want to be a great golfer, play with great golfers.”  The same applies to real estate.  Rogers works with a superbly talented family team:  wife Marilyn, daughter Jen, and son-in-law Matt.  He is affiliated with Madison’s premier real estate firm, Stark Company Realtors – in business for 105 years.  His family team and his skilled colleagues at Stark work with him to sell your house for the best dollar, in the shortest time, with the least hassle.

5.  Referrals, Repeat Business.  The buyer for your house may be on Roger’s Past Client list.  Or the buyer may be someone referred to Roger by a past client.  Referrals and repeat business provide half of Roger’s prospects.  He sends monthly postcards to his ever-expanding mailing list of past clients, just keeping in touch.  His many years as a Realtor and many sales over those years, has given Roger a really productive Past Client List – a tremendous advantage in selling your home.

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