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Exclusive Program for Home Sellers

  • Determine repairs that increase home’s value the most
  • Ensure sufficient equity to reimburse costs
  • Finalized repairs & be on the market within 3 months
  • Sell your home with HomeTeam4u

A Guide to the Fix It Now And Pay Later Program

Want to sell quickly and for the best possible price? A few strategic home renovations can dramatically improve the value of real estate. After making a list of repairs and updates needed, the realities of home improvement projects sink in — contractors, delayed time until listing, and of course paying for projects.

That’s where Fix It Now And Pay Later Program comes in. We bridge the gap between expectations and market realities, without the stress, time, or upfront payment of a traditional renovation. We aid sellers in the repair and renovation of their property so they sell for the best possible price, and defer payment until closing.

Working with us for your renovations is like using a no-interest credit card to take care of renovations and repairs—but better.

Pre-Sale Renovation Expertise: We specialize in getting homes ready to sell. With a focus on return on investment, speed to market and customer experience, homeowners trust our Fix It Now And Pay Later Program so they can focus on other things related to the selling process.

Rapid Renovations, Better Experience: From cosmetic updates to major renovations, interior improvements to exterior work, we can recommend trusted contractors who can do the job.

No Catch: We defer 100% of renovation costs until closing, up to $10,000. No interest, no fees—no catch. We get paid when you do, at the closing table. Since we all get paid at the same time, we’re on the same team with the same goal—getting to market quickly and selling for the best possible price.

Relax and enjoy the process as HomeTeam4u guides you through your renovation project from beginning to end.

Disclaimer: The foregoing description of our Fix It Now and Pay Later Program highlights certain aspects of the Program and is for general information only. The details, terms, and conditions of the Program are set forth in the Fix It Now and Pay Later Program Agreement which is available upon request