TOP-SECRET Wing Recipe!

Our agent, Ben, shared with us his top-secret hot wings recipe! Watch the video to see what ingredients he uses & the techniques he applies to make the perfect grilled hot wings. 🔥

Ingredients for Hot Wing Sauce


* 4 lbs. chicken wings

* 10 ounces Cayenne Pepper Sauce (i.e., Frank's Red Hot, or other)

* 1/3 cup butter, melted.

* Any other spices or sauces you would like to mix in-get creative!



* Cook wings on grill

* Toss wings in Hot Wing sauce to coat completely

* Put sauced wings back on grill (on warming rack), turn grill heat on low, bake sauce into wing

* When sauce has thickened or dried on wings they're ready to eat.

* Eat, Enjoy, #hometeam4u... repeat.

***This recipe can be easily modified to be cooked inside during the winter months using a cast iron skillet and your stovetop.



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